13/11//2017 by Rod Askew – RCA Business Brokers

Brand, what brand, we don’t have a brand I hear you say.

It is not something that management rights owners or motel owners think about too often I would imagine. After all, what sort of a brand would a 30 unit holiday complex on the Gold Coast, a 60 unit residential complex in Brisbane have that could be exploited or for that matter a 30 unit motel in Thargomindah.

For a start, where on Earth is Thargomindah I hear you ask?

Wikipedia has this to say:

“Thargomindah  is a town in South West Queensland, Australia on the Adventure Way, approximately 1,100 kilometres (680 mi) west of the state capital, Brisbane, 200 kilometres (120 mi) west of the town of Cunnamulla and within a relatively short distance to Cameron Corner . Thargomindah is the administrative centre for the Shire of Bulloo and lies on the Bulloo River. At the 2006 census, Thargomindah had a population of 203”.

Enough said!!!

Back to your branding.

It may not be obvious at first glance, but there will be a brand of some sort, somewhere that can add value to your website, recognition and marketing.

And its is probably not hiding very far away.

It amazes me how often we see websites created for say a small holiday complex in Southport that doesn’t take advantage of what must be one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in Australia. Of course, I am referring to the GC or Gold Coast brand. Gold Coast tourism spends literally hundreds of thousands of dollars(probably millions)  annually on advertising and brand recognition for the region and yet many GC operators don’t take advantage of that money spent.

Although I can’t say the same for the Thargomindah Tourism Association, I feel certain that they also outlay considerable funds to promote the Adventure Way and Bulloo Shire. If they didn’t, how would we even know the place existed? If you doubt this, read the location description above in bold one more time.

So Brand recognition is important. How can we take advantage of our own or someone else’s brand that can assist us to create recognition and ultimately create more business for your business?

It’s a bit like anything else that you may have questions about in this day and age of technology. Simple: “Seek Professional Advice”.

There is a good reason that you own a management rights or a motel and we own a management rights and motel sales brokerage business and neither of us own a branding improvement company, because we know nothing about brand improvement, or very little. I speak for myself here of course.

Hence my comment above: “Seek Professional Advice”.

A branding expert is a bit like a surgeon for your business, except he makes house calls. He has been to university specifically to learn how to help you and me be more obvious to everyone else.

He will sit down with you for half an hour, look at your problem areas, look at your website, brochures and signage etc and come back to you in a few days with some answers as to how you too can exploit other peoples marketing ideas and dollars.

If the Gold Coast is willing to spend $1million plus dollars promoting your region, doesn’t it make good sense to spend a couple of thousand dollars to tap into that spending spree?

It does to me.

Keep well and keep busy

Regards to all

RCA Business Brokers Team