You are required to obtain a recognized license qualification with a registered organisation before you are legally allowed to operate and let units within a management rights business. This license is referred to as a Resident Letting Agents License (QLD). This license will enable an operator to open and run a trust account for the collection and processing of rents on behalf of letting owners. For those managers wishing to operate the business without living on site it is required they get a Full Real Estate License in each state they intend to operate a business.

Many management rights businesses operate in schemes that provide accommodation to holiday makers and tourists. Resident managers in these schemes need to have the necessary skills and systems to handle this type of letting activity. Resident managers often also provide additional services to their guests. Many resident managers are the “face” of their scheme to visitors, and play a vital role in ensuring their stay is an enjoyable one. Resident managers can use their local knowledge and have materials on-site to assist with tours and travel advice, may arrange bookings for guests, and liaise with marketers and booking agencies.