20/11/2017 by Rod Askew – RCA Business Brokers

This is a question we are asked quite frequently.

So, what constitutes a good deal?

Good deals are only relevant to the person asking the question as so many different variables come into play.

What may be a good deal to you because the location is brilliant doesn’t get any bells ringing for the next buyer because he wants a big net income.

The short answer to anyone asking, “Do you have any good deals?” is Yes, we do have good deals on our books, BUT what are you looking for in particular?

The one variable consistent in most great deals is a perceived cheap price.

Cheap is a very overrated word. It can be cheap because it is a dump, or the business is failing, or massive competition has gone up around it, or it needs vast amounts of money spent on it or it’s located somewhere that not everyone wants to be.

Cheap is relevant to who is asking the question and what they are looking for.

If you were to ask me “where are the best deals currently available?”, then I would have to say in Far North Queensland.

Are they cheap, I hear you ask? Cheap is relevant

Well, if you want to buy a great business in a fabulous location with a big net profit and only want to pay 2/3 of what the same business would cost you in South East Queensland, then yes, they are cheap by Brisbane price standards.

What’s the catch?

You have to go to Far North Queensland to run the business. It’s that simple.

Something to think about, you are not relocating for the rest of your life, you are buying a great business at a great price for the length of time you want to own that business.

Interestingly many people who make the change and head to Cairns or Port Douglas end up spending the rest of their life up there. It is truly a beautiful place.

AND, they do have air-conditioning up there also.

Speak to Robert.

Have a great month.


Rod Askew