27/11/2017 by Rod Askew – RCA Business Brokers

It may not have occurred to too many people in our industry, but we management rights and real estate agents are not just out there selling businesses and property to people. On face value sure, we list and sell businesses and property, take our commission and move on to the next property.

However there’s more to it than that.

Many people, singles, couples, partners, companies come to us every day and ask us in fact to change their lives and circumstances. People who are fed up with their current circumstances or are semi retiring from a job they have held for 40 years or the housewife who has raised a clutch of kids or the investor looking to do something different, now wants to experience a change.

Thirty or forty years ago the Gold Coast was given a title it probably deserved at the time, “The White Shoe Capital” of Australia. This title referred to the slick business types and in particular the local real estate agents who seemingly without conscience preyed on unsuspecting visitors to our Golden mile of beaches, selling them properties well above real values.

In particular the Japanese investors and tourists were signed up by the thousands to property deals where vendors and agents showed no conscience in ripping them off. Consequently many of these investors lost thousands and sometimes millions of dollars when they came to resell what they had bought in good faith. It left a particularly bad taste with these investors who never returned.

Fortunately we have moved on from those times(most of us any way) and our property laws today are designed to protect first time and even sophisticated investors from being ripped off. In the instance of the investors thirty years ago, their lives were changed by people although not really for the better unfortunately.

Today as we go about our business of introducing buyers to properties / businesses, and making huge changes in people’s lives, we would do well to learn from the lessons of the past if we want to be in this industry for a long time. Make no mistakes, we still hear of agents that have stitched up buyers and the fly by nighters who come into the industry for 6 months and leave a trail of destruction in their wake of broken lives.

So back to my topic, Change – is it a good or a bad thing?

For the most part, I feel change is a good thing. I changed jobs and my life 12 months ago and started RCA Business Brokers, the change has been great. I have never had any doubts about the new direction I created.

There are I believe some basic rules and considerations when thinking of a change.

Why do I want a change?
Where do I want to go?
Is this just for me or will it affect others?
Can I afford a change?
Make a short list of what you would like to do.
Speak with friends who have made similar changes, experts and professionals in the “change” that interests you.
Attend a course on the topic if there is one.
Check out the agents and professionals you will be dealing with.
Ask as many questions as you can.
And the most important rule,”If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”.

If you do your homework and if you deal with professionals then change can be a good thing.

Steer away from the shiny suits, flashing lights and just keep in the back of your mind the “White Shoe Brigade” of the 1970’s and 1980’s and you should be fine.

Enjoy the change.