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Add Value To Your Management Rights By Making Your Complex ‘Parcel Friendly’

The convenience and popularity of online shopping has created a growing problem for residents wanting parcels delivered to their apartment buildings.

The most common problem residents face is eagerly awaiting delivery of their parcel only to find a delivery agent has left a card without even buzzing their apartment. They then face lengthy queues at the Post Office or Couriers Office to collect their parcels.

The parcel delivery problem has also turned Onsite Managers offices and foyers into de-facto receiving centres as they grapple with receiving packages, tracking residents down to pick them up and finding secure places to store the parcels.

Installing a secure Parcel Locker System solves parcel delivery problems and arms your rental team with an edge that separates your management rights from the competition.

How do Parcel Lockers work? Watch Video here

Parcel lockers have been used worldwide for the past 10 years. Their use has gained momentum in Australia with 65 per cent of Australians now shopping online and this trend is intensifying. Australia’s total online sales are in the top ten worldwide and are forecast to exceed $32 billion this year, up from 26.7 billion in 2013.

Amazon launched into Australia late last year and has changed the parcel delivery landscape forever encouraging more people choosing to confidently shop online. Amazon will offer a membership that includes unlimited free delivery and will also offer three-hour delivery for some postcodes.

A white paper published in the Wall Street Journal reported that the three most important amenities that residents look for when selecting an apartment to buy or rent are a good health club, high speed Wi-Fi and a parcel locker system.

Parcel Lockers provide an income-producing asset that adds value to management rights and a great service/feature to residents.

We recommend that residents are charged for using the Parcel Locker at $1.00 per use and that all parcels are collected within 48 hours to avoid late fees. This ensures that your Parcel Locker does not fill up with uncollected parcels. We estimate that the Parcel Locker will pay for itself within 4-5 years.

Bodycorp Secure Parcel Lockers are one of the only systems that every Courier and Delivery Agent can deliver to in Australia.
This includes Australia Post and Star Track who deliver over 70 per cent of all parcels in Australia. BCS Parcel Lockers are also the one of the few systems that Australia Post and Star Track will deliver to, other than their own parcel lockers at Post Offices.

Putting a face to the name … BodyCorp Secure

Ian Chewe                                          Kim Kake

After three years developing the software system and the “My Parcel Locker App”, Kim Kake and Ian Chewe launched Bodycorp Secure into the Australian market. They combined state-of-the-art technology with modern, creative design to deliver secure, convenient, custom-built solutions to suit every building type.

Make your property more secure
With the growing trend of online shoppers, we identified a problem that had no immediate solution. We witnessed the huge increases in identity theft and organised crime through mail and parcel theft and the increase in home invasions by people posing as couriers and delivery people to gain entry.

Our system provides the perfect platform to meet the demands of the growing appetite for online shopping and counter the alarming statistics for mail and identity theft. We understand that the community needs to be confident that their parcels are secure and can be retrieved at a time and place convenient to them.

Never wait around for a delivery again…..
By installing a Parcel Locker, your residents will never have to wait around for a delivery again. You will attract more tenants to your property and you will see your rental conversion rates improve. You will also see lower changeover rates as tenants renew their leases and stay longer. This then translates to an increase in demand that keeps rental values high and therefore your management rights increase in value.

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